Be Like Harriet


Perhaps Alabama and Georgia should erase the border and become known as Geobama. A united land dedicated to backward-ass lawmaking and conservative thinking riddled in oppression and hypocrisy that permeates them both. Maybe I’m just some uppity northerner that doesn’t understand the south? I mean, my family is from the south—and now I understand why they left. I am a black, pro-choice, Christian woman. Possibly the men that decided to outlaw abortion call themselves Christians and based their decision on that identifier, but they are not.

I don’t know a whole lot about HB 314 aka Orwellian HB 451…but I know this: First, science. 6 weeks may have a heartbeat—but there is no cognitive brain function—which means if at six weeks it were to be born, it would not survive.

Second, anti-abortionists do not care for the women that must carry the baby of their rapist or carry a baby to term that has no chance of survival due to a defect, or a baby that threatens a woman’s life. In the end, each scenario causes undue suffering to the mother and perhaps death, but this does not matter.

Finally, anti-abortionists do not care for babies once they’re born. They exploit the idea of them and neglect the circumstances of the mother for their cause. If they did care, there would be a multitude of entitlements on a national level to care for children throughout their lives, especially for those born to mothers that can not afford to take care of them. Personally, I like what Proverbs 31:8-9 and Proverbs 22:22-23 have to say about that. Instead, they would rather subject this child to a life of possible poverty and abuse or place them in an already strained system full of unwanted children. How is this pro-life when you are subjecting them to half of a life?

So, when people and Geobama purport themselves as pro-life, they don’t take any of that into account. Children deserve the best of us, to live a life that safeguards their innocence. If conditions both in the womb and circumstances outside of it don’t support giving that child, the best at best or at least the basics of love, shelter, clothing, food, and healthcare—then forcing a woman to endure psychological pain and tossing a child into a life of less than– is selfish and cruel.

Harriet Tubman, one of my heroes, freed slaves in the south from a life of bondage, risking herself to do so. In 2019, women and men that are for the rights of women must reach back into the dark oppressive places—wherever they may be in this country– and defend a woman’s right to choose and if necessary, take her to a place where her choice will be honored and respected. In places like Geobama, in 2019,  we still have white men and women calling the shots with their hypocritical and archaic ideas about what is right for everyone. The easiest solution is to vote those people out. But until then, we must all be like Harriet.

afro bo peep


Afro Bo Peep is a teacher and occasional activist/poet. Once in a while, she has opinions she will share with her cat, but the really strong ones, you can find here.

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