The day after.

I’m writing this a few days before our November 3rd election day, but if you’re reading this, it’s probably the day after, and we just might have an idea of who the next president is. I don’t think they’ll be able to officially call it, as soon as we’d all like, but we should have an idea.

I wonder how y’all spent election day, did you play drinking games, like my fam did? Disengage and focus on self-care? Smoke? Go toe-to-toe with people in these social media streets? Sleep? 

Whatever you did, election day is over, and we have a winner.

What happens now? 

That depends on a lot, but first, here are the potential scenarios:

  1. Biden wins in a landslide. In this scenario, he wins in some key states and has an electoral college lead that leaves no room for doubt. 
  2. Biden wins, but it’s close. This would fuel Trump’s desire to claim election fraud and would, most likely, end up in the courts.
  3. Trump wins but it’s close. Biden would insist on the counting of all votes, but would ultimately concede.
  4. Trump wins in a landslide. Biden would concede and condemn civil unrest. 

In any situation, where Biden wins, it’s safe to say that Trump will act a whole fool and will probably refuse to leave. Anyone else low-key hoping to see video of him being forcibly removed from the premises? My popcorn and tea are at the ready.

But I more so, want to talk about, what we need to do, depending on who wins. While some people consider November 3rd as the end of the fight, if Biden triumphs, don’t believe the hype.

In a Biden win, we would have to hold his ass to the fire, to keep him accountable and (hopefully) get results. The things I need him to tackle are:

  1. Covid response and prevention. This will depend on the makeup of the Senate and the House, but if we were to flip the Senate – he’d have a chance to get a lot done. Namely, passing another stimulus bill (cause that lil $1,200 didn’t do much for those that needed it), instituting a mask mandate, controlling medical costs for those impacted by Covid, enacting/extending rent and mortgage moratoriums, greatly expanding testing and putting together an all-around economic plan – emphasis on struggling small businesses.
  2. Healthcare. Our country is in desperate need of quality, affordable healthcare. Significantly expanding the Affordable Care Act or doing a complete overhaul? YES.
  3. Environmental. Biden will need to reverse Trump’s policies on environmental protection and climate change. Putting forth his own, is a plus too.
  4. Electoral college. Personally, I’d like to see it done away with.
  5. Legalization and decriminalization of marijuana. Self-explanatory, but I would also like to see an effort to expunge the records of the many Black and brown people, jailed for possession. And programs instituted to help them get back on their feet.
  6. Legalization and decriminalization of sex work. This is long overdue.
  7. Women/womxn/those who have uteruses, reproductive rights. With the new supreme court justice, who knows if abortion will remain legal, but I would still like to see new policy. 
  8. Immigration. Make the path to citizenship easier, get rid of ICE, reunite families, give protections. How hard is it to be decent?
  9. Speaking of jail, we need prison reform. ASAP. Again, a focus on the over-representation of Black and brown prisoners, needs to happen. 
  10. Police brutality. The end of qualified immunity and racial profiling, defunding the police, independent reviews of police-involved murders, more extensive training, actual punishment for abuse of power, alla dat.
  11. Criminal justice reform. Fixing the bias in our judicial system and sentencing, to include the school-to-prison pipeline. 
  12. Education. Ensuring our most vulnerable communities have the resources they need.
  13. Indigenous people’s rights. Give back their land, ensure that these communities have all the resources and assistance possible. 
  14. LGBT+ rights. Protect and expand them. 
  15. Repa-fucking-rations. With interest. There needs to be a comprehensive plan for recompense, for the atrocities faced by the Black community. Free education, write-off of student loans, just to name a few. Come up off those coins. 
  16. Undo Trump-era decisions, like rejoining the WHO and fixing foreign policy issues.
  17. Cabinet picks. Diversity and progressivism, are key here. 

I do have to stop this list, to say this:

While ALL of this is important to me, *my*primary focus is on the well-being of Black people. Periodt. It has to be, who else is gonna care, if not us (me)?

In the interest of transparency, I have to point out, that I am not a fan of either Biden or Kamala, and I don’t trust the democratic party as a whole, to actually make the changes that our community needs. I don’t truly expect that they’ll break the cycle of expecting (and receiving) our vote and then ignoring our needs for the entirety of their reign, but that’s sorta the point. My list, is a snapshot of my demands. Democrats (unenthusiastically, because seriously, was this the best y’all had?🙄) got my vote, so what y’all finna do with it? The status quo, just doesn’t fly ’round here anymore.

And If Trump wins (sigh), well, hopefully, we’ll still flip the senate and can lessen the damage that he’s sure to attempt. Our saving recourses?

  1. With a Senate majority, there will likely be impeachment contests for Trump and his cabinet appointees.
  2. Trump will find that he has less leverage, less ability to enact destructive policies.
  3. Power of people. With a Trump re-election, I expect already corrupt police forces to brazenly show their asses. It will be up to citizens, to try to corral the abuse.
  4. We could begin strategizing for the 2024 election.

I anticipate a violent uprising of the racist right, regardless of who wins. I hope you all will be safe and move accordingly. Meaning, if they come wanting smoke, I hope you give ’em all of it. You hear me?

I’m also preparing myself for the inevitable shift of blame (in think pieces and political commentary and the post of that one high school friend who’s never left their hometown), to Black people, if Trump wins. I’m preparing with daggers at the ready, because one thing I know, is that for how consistently Black people vote and vote democratic, no one should open their mouths to criticize a damn thing. To include, not voting. It’s an unpopular opinion, sure, but I said what I said. I, and everyone in my immediate circle, votes, but I completely understand why some Black people have chosen not to this election, and even some still, going forward. I get it. You’re tired of being called upon to save everyone and having backs turned on you, when you express your needs. I truly get it. 

I promise you won’t be vote shamed, by me, at least.

We just still have so much work to do. Don’t get complacent and tune out, like so often happens, after a presidential election. Don’t claim a Biden victory, and then sit back silently, as more Breonna Taylor’s and Ahmaud Arbery’s emerge. 

We cannot go back to what was, sit unable to move at what is, as much as it probably entices some of you to do so. We have to eradicate the disease that is Trump, of course. But the institutions and ideologies, that propelled him, still exist. The “way it was,” was/is still incredibly unbalanced and vile, for certain communities, and for once, ONCE, I’d like that not to be forgotten, once the majority gets their way.


When JanayB isn’t posting memes, scrolling through “wokebook” posts, ordering food and otherwise being your typical millennial, you can find her here destroying white tears and basking in her unapologetic blackness. Get in touch with her at

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