“S” on our chest.

87% of Black people voted for Biden.

Over 90% of Black women voted for Biden.

Indigenous people, had record turnouts, with an average percentage of over 70% voting for Biden. In one area, Biden received 98% of their vote.

We have to talk about this. 

Indigenous people are the reason Biden won Arizona and Nevada. In Wisconsin, they were a major factor that helped Biden pull out a win.

In Atlanta, Georgia (shout out to Fulton county!), Michigan, Milwaukee, WI and Philadelphia, PA – Black people, especially Black women, came through and turned what was trending red, blue.

My favorite meme of this goes:

“Black women came through like they were playing Uno. They threw down a draw 4 card and then shouted 🗣The color is blue!”

Black people (and even more so, Black women) were tasked with saving the day, as always. Indigenous people had their actions diminished, even though they came out in droves, and heavily voted blue, as they always do. Did you see all the demographic polls, that once again, just lumped them in as “others?” 🙄

While these communities, were often the deciding factor in key states, and suddenly there’s a plethora of thank yous from white people –it is NOT okay that our communities keep having to fly in, cape in tow.

Can you even imagine, the type of anger and mind fuck that happens, when oppressed groups have to consistently save the oppressor group? When oppressed groups, constantly have to vote in people who will still uphold white supremacy and contribute to their abuse?

That’s a whole ‘notha added level of oppression, that is a constant sting. That’s salt in a wound, for ya. Kicking someone when they’re down. Piling on of nonsense. Add whatever phrase you want here, it’s cruel and pathological.

And yet, we keep showing up. Not for you all, oh no, please don’t think that. All of America benefits from our actions, but we’re doing it to save ourselves and lessen harm. 

Harm, that the majority of the country, is perfectly fine with and would like to continue.

You have to see the absurdity of it all. In saving the people, who actively hurt us. I mean, my fucking goodness!

I’ll be honest with y’all, I started out writing this, to and about Black and Indigenous people. As a love letter, of sorts. As an everlasting and unyielding thank you. 

But both of these communities already know that they’re seen, by (almost solely) others in their communities. They already know they’re loved by their own. It seems more beneficial, to address the issue at hand, which is, well, the invasive racism that exists in most everyone else. 

What could I actually say to those communities, to myself, to make it all better? There truly isn’t anything. I could revel in our power, our brilliance, our steadfastness. How do I do that, without acknowledging the weight of this…responsibility? Can I talk about the power we possess, without mentioning the sadness often involved in having to use it?

Where do we, as Black people and as Indigenous people, muster up the motivation to continue fighting, when the majority group, the one whose women voted for Trump over 53%, refuses to fix their in-house issues and instead places blame on us?

Remember last week, when I mentioned that I was ready, with daggers, for the white nonsense and blame that was about to transpire?

It happened. En masse. The amount of liberal white people, but specifically women, who decided it was a good idea to chastise the Black men who voted for Trump, was astounding and unsurprising. Don’t get me wrong, there was a slight uptick in Black male Trump supporters, which is a problem. But 80% of Black men still voted for Biden, and when you compare that to the 53%+ of white women who voted for Trump — baby, y’all just don’t have room to talk. Clear the shit off of your fan, and the splatter off of your walls, before you try to talk about the cleanliness of our house.

I have to laugh at those of you, who swore up and down, that white women were going to do something different this time around. You screamed about how we were judging you all unfairly — nevermind the history and patterns and life experiences we had, to inform our opinions. We knew what was up, and how y’all would behave. In the words of my southern side, y’all didn’t believe that fat meat was greasy. But you sure did find out.

You have to rethink this “Black people, Indigenous people and marginalized groups” have to be our saviorrrrrrrr, idea. You have to change the pattern of asking us to save everyone, then ignoring us, until you need saving again. If you’re unwilling to do these things, then, you better cozy up to the idea of us deciding enough is enough, committing to inaction and letting the cards fall where they may. 

It may seem an unlikely scenario, but the way folks are talking, it’s more likely than you probably realize.

And that should concern you all.


When JanayB isn’t posting memes, scrolling through “wokebook” posts, ordering food and otherwise being your typical millennial, you can find her here destroying white tears and basking in her unapologetic blackness. Get in touch with her at JanayBsays@gmail.com.

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