Dear Conservative white women..

Dear conservative white women,

Originally, this appeal was dated November 2018. Conservatives, particularly white women, kept defending and dismissing Trump’s cold-hearted and malicious acts. With every awful Tweet or policy decision came a wave of “buts”. White conservative women stepped in to defend him. In fact, 55 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump. No amount of discriminatory policy or vitriolic hatred from the current administration deterred them from voting to re-elect him. I wondered, what would convince them to desert him? The acts were getting more and more vicious, and the “buts” just kept saving Trump from accountability. The lack of accountability for any of the heinous decisions or hateful Tweets led me back to this letter. How do you speak to someone about hate when they are engulfed in it? Conservative women, was it even worth it? 

Then, I watched white supremacy and privilege erupt in anger at the Capitol, fearful of losing their power due to Black and Brown people voting in the election. Elected officials were attacked by self-righteous and entitled white people. White rage, mainly male, broke windows, trashed offices, terrorized innocent people like reporters and congressional staff, defecated everywhere, and beat people to death. All as we watched live. The people who screamed “blue lives matter” attacked and beat Capitol Police.  American flags were weaponized against Americans doing their jobs. 

Is this the straw breaking the camel’s back? Will this break the spell? Everything, all those years of tormenting Black, Brown, LGBTQ, immigrants, women, and even children, was water off a duck’s back. None of it mattered to conservative women. Will this matter? I now ask you, will you stop providing the “buts” for Trump? Your support is his, not so secret, weapon. He sells you fear, and you keep lining up for the product. Mexicans are bad. Black people will move in and destroy your seemingly perfect suburban neighborhood. COVID-19 is fake. The liberals want you to be broke. They want to give your hard-earned money to those who sit at home all day. You are the real Americans. Act now before this deal is over! He stands at his KKK rallies and feeds lies to wolves who are hungry for conspiracy theories. 

I couldn’t find the words to fight for your humanity. I still don’t have the words. I wrote this letter not to appeal to your sensible side but to address the reality of who you are. Your unwavering support is responsible for the Capitol murder and violence. You are the backbone of the insurgents. Your silent support led us here. Your vocal dismissals made this possible. When oppressed people spoke up, you said they were wrong. One example: Trump said, “There are good people on both sides” in response to the Charlottesville attack. We said, “Trump is racist to say Nazis and KKK members are good people.” You said, “Well, he didn’t mean it that way.” This excuse made hate okay, dismissing the victims of the attack. Our State Capitals are eerily surrounded by tanks and fencing in preparation for additional violence and destruction once again, thanks to you. I fear for our President-elect because you fanned flames of hate, touted by an election fraud fallacy. You failed to draw the line. This falls at your feet. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Hate will give us hate. Now, the hate is directed at our democracy. The vile and violent Capitol attack was a direct result of hate. 

Will you stand firm for democracy and accept that the voters of this nation made clear who will lead the next administration? Will you stop with the “buts” and the enabling of bigots? There is no “but” big enough to justify any of his deplorable and intentionally harmful acts. You let him off the hook every time. I hope this time you choose to do the right thing. Your humanity has been tested by the hate you feed into, ignore, or deny every day in this Trump America. This is the final test. Riots and coup attempts are being planned all across America. Will you show up to them? What are you going to do because this is being done in your name? Are you ready to stand for what you say you believe in: the right to life, police lives, and democracy? Without you, the Conservative party (in this hateful form) falls. If you support the insurgency, then you are responsible for anything that happens at the riots. Any deaths, property damage, and all the Confederate-flag-waving treason is on you unless you condemn it. You are pawns. They don’t care about your needs. They just need you to remain angry and willing to back them no matter what. You deserve better than the fear-mongering lies and twisted reality you are being fed by your leaders, husbands, and sons. Your vote is being used by a party who couldn’t care less about your needs and the needs of your children. I think many of you step in line because of one issue.

The party has you wrapped around its finger because of just one issue: abortion. You are willing to throw every American under the bus because some women may make their own choice around their own uterus. How dare you claim to be the party of family values!! Family values mean more than just making sure birth happens. Are you willing to help feed and clothe the child? NO! You made that clear when you applauded kids being locked in cages, separated from their families and held in bondage at “tender age facilities”. You criticize women who seek government subsidy to care for their children while working back-breaking, low-wage jobs just to make ends meet. You don’t care about a child’s life unless it is in utero.

The Republican party is acting in heinous and vicious ways, and you are not only allowing it;  your unwavering support and vote condones their egregious conduct. Those kids locked in cages, you did that. The starving kids at the poor school down the street will go hungry because of you! The young girl who will not tell on her abuser because she saw the way you attacked Dr. Ford. Well, her tear-soaked pillows are your fault. When your neighbor’s house is vandalized with KKK hate, own it. It’s your fault. 

Your middle-class values are being aligned with hate, and those people feel empowered because you keep voting with them and not against them. Own it. Don’t ignore it. Everytime you support a person who cannot denounce the KKK, you are, in fact, acting for the KKK. Every time you ignore new evidence of Trump’s treason, you are putting a nail in the coffin of our democracy. You are being treated like a pawn in a game of chess where you are being manipulated into voting for a party simply because it strokes your fears. The Rebulicans start talking about the imaginary, big bad immigrant, coming for your jobs and to rape you, and you fall for it! It’s pathetic. They talk about how you are poor because of those getting “a free ride on your tax dollars”, and you become all self-righteous.

If you continue to vote in line with such disgraceful people, then you must own their choices as your own. So if you have not flat out condemned and separated from the Republicans after this attack on our democracy, then you support this coup. 


Sunny Matthews

A true American patriot

Kenyona “Sunny” Matthews is a motivational speaker focusing on issues of diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. She is a University of Akron School of Law graduate who focused civil liberties. She earned her bachelors from Guilford College majoring in Political Science, Philosophy, and African American Studies. She was an active college student helping to start an Anti-Racism team at Guilford College, responsible for organizing city-wide diversity/inclusion events, and developed coursework focusing on race and racism.

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