Alls fair in politics and progress.

This post is about Tim Scott, Kamala Harris, and those like them.

Those who intentionally live in the “in-between,” or who blatantly side with white supremacy, for personal gain. The shuckers and jivers. The kissers of the asses.The ones who turn their backs on Black communities. The …Candace Owenses…Ya get what I’m saying, right?

For transparency, I was not, am not, and will probably never be a fan of Kamala. If you’ve been around/reading IWWs for a while, you may have seen me mention this in this past. If you’re on my personal Facebook, then you’ve likely seen me come straight for her head. 

Anyways, Tim Scott, the only Black senator for the GOP recently said “hear me clearly: America is not a racist country.” Kamala Harris, in response to what she thought about his comments, said ”no, I don’t think America is a racist country.”

Obviously, they’re both full of shit. But there’s the question of why and the noticeable difference in reactions from the public.

The backlash to Scott’s comment was swift and undeniable. Black folks said IKYFL. A lot of liberal white people said “that’s just not true.” The condemnations from both groups were aplenty.

Wasn’t there backlash about Harris’s comment? Yeah, but not nearly as much. The same folks who were loud and proud about chastising Scott were noticeably mum about Harris.

Some people are hesitant to criticize Harris for fear of being given a negative label by the “woke” crew. Others are willing to overlook any and everything, due to Harris making history when she became VP.

*I* don’t have those problems.

The willingness to turn a blind eye to harm, so long as the person is on the right side of the political aisle, tells me all I need to know about a person.

If it was wrong when Scott said it, guess what? It was STILL wrong when Harris said it, moments later.

I won’t even entertain any conversations from people trying to “wellllll, butttt, maybbeee” their way out of holding Harris accountable.

As much disdain as I have for the Scotts and Harrises of the world, it’s not unbeneficial to hammer out what motivates them.

I think it is ambition and ambition isn’t inherently wrong. But what you’re willing to do in your quest, can be. 

Both of them are willing to lick the proverbial boot, flat out lie, and contribute to the harm Black people face – in an effort to break through whatever ceilings stand in their way.

Scott has talked about being called the N-word by white people. How his older relatives were prevented from learning how to read. About being racially profiled while shopping. But yet, he’s willing to either live comfortably in denial or lie his ass off to continue to be the GOP’s token Black. And that’s all he ever will be to them.

A token. One of many tools used to prohibit the righting of past wrongs and ensure current wrongs can go on uncontested. And THIS is what I mean by harm. 

With 9 words..9 words.. from a Black person who rose out of the ashes of poverty to take his “place” among the white folks, who is ecstatic to be “in the big house and not the fields,” who just ain’t like them other ni….., he’s given Republicans the ammunition to thwart any and all progressive social policies. Because if Tim the magic negro says he didn’t need assistance and racism is over, well, by golly, it must be true! 😐

Harris is a little different. She’s willing to lie and/or stay in the gray area (she followed up her comment by saying “…we have to speak truth about the history of racism in our country”) as to not alienate too many white people. But at the cost of progress for Black communities.

Because the result is the same. Liberals will (and already have) say that if Harris, the HBCU grad, Black (when she wanna be), puller upper of bootstraps, current VP says we’re not a racist country – then obviously them other nigg..🙃 must not know what they’re talking about.

And then progress stalls. Placations are given. No real change happens.

But hey! We finally got a woman of color in the White House, and we have another Black man in the Senate, to boot. So alls fair in politics and (hindering) progress. I guess…


When JanayB isn’t posting memes, scrolling through “wokebook” posts, ordering food and otherwise being your typical millennial, you can find her here destroying white tears and basking in her unapologetic blackness. Get in touch with her at

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