Potential Devastation

I overheard an interesting conversation recently. It was, of course, about what everyone is talking about these days - the Rona. More specifically, it was about how one woman, a nurse, could not understand some Black folks' distrust of nurses and doctors and their subsequent "badmouthing," as she put it.If you don't take anything else... Continue Reading →

Black and brown and the frontlines

Our medical professionals, cashiers, sanitation workers, hospitality staff, food service employees and all other service industry workers are holding this country tf down right now. They are providing essential resources and care and are literally responsible for keeping all this shit running. They do so often with inadequate pay and paid time off, while having... Continue Reading →

Labor of…love?

If you've been "social media-ing" for a while, and been privy to conversations that involve race - you've probably seen many mentions on the incredible amount of emotional labor that Black people and POC put forth to explain their experiences, racial nuance and racism. In the dichotomy between those who wield racism and those who... Continue Reading →

Bernie bros and liberal racism

The next presidential election is right around the corner and with primary elections in full swing, most people have decided (either happily or begrudgingly)who their candidate is. People are sharing political news articles, making posts in favor of or against certain candidates, critiquing viewpoints and trying to get folks to vote. Tensions and passions are... Continue Reading →

Blerds, doe? <3

Sometimes, I want to just celebrate/talk about a particular cultural aspect that I love, and in the process, maybe some of you will learn something new.  So this blog post.. is all about Blerds, baby. Right now, you might be wondering what the hell a Blerd is, but no worries -  I got you. Simply... Continue Reading →

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