Everyone is talking about Meghan Markle. Personally, I'm enjoying the commentary from Black Twitter, happy to see the Monarchy and its racism getting exposed, and laughing giddily at the thought of the Monarchy possibly being "canceled," due to Oprah and 'em. But that's it, I'm not invested in it past that. Though I think that this... Continue Reading →


BHM is over, but Black history celebrations happen all year ova here, so let's get into this. Three things: Black American Sign Language(BASL) exists.BASL is distinctly different than ASL.BASL is JUST as valid as ASL. The history of BASL has similar origins to a lot of Black history, racism and discrimination. When the first educational... Continue Reading →

Bout it?

There was a post I saw the other day, that said something along the lines of "no one who is actually anti-racist, says I am not racist. Ever." And that's facts.  I've only ever heard/seen someone say "I'm not racist," followed by all the ways they absolutely are racist, tokenization and/or willful dismissiveness of our... Continue Reading →

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