Most people I know, are trying to make sure that they contribute to the BLM movement, police brutality protests and general anti-racist stance, in any way they can. I've been a part of and seen so many conversations where people are stressed, wanting to do more, but not knowing what that "more" thing is and... Continue Reading →

Matched Energy.

For the first time ever, I had people message me and ask if my next post was going to be about a certain topic. Yes, they were all asking about the protests and riots. But I didn't respond immediately. I looked at the messages and then closed out of Messenger. I went and did other... Continue Reading →

Boss Fight

What do you think about when someone mentions Emmett Till? For me, it's how young he was. How savagely he was beaten and how disfigured his body was, laying in his casket. What comes to mind, is the white woman, Carolyn Bryant, who accused him of touching and whistling at her, and how on her... Continue Reading →


I know that many of y'all don't want to hear this, but we need to acknowledge that intersectionality and misogynoir come into play, even in areas such as which victims we rally around. I talked about Ahmaud last week, as did many people, on FB and every other social media platform. It was nice (nice... Continue Reading →

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