We’re Bilingual, Baby.

Black people are bilingual too. "On fleek" "Chile" "Issa" "Finna" "Fit" "What's the tea?" "Sis"  These are all AAVE phrases. African American Vernacular English(AAVE) has recently been recognized as an official language/dialect, as it should be.  Often, people incorrectly label such phrases as "just slang," but AAVE, like all languages, has rules, patterns and its... Continue Reading →

America’s Racist Crossroads: The Injustice of Law and Order

I am a child of Greensboro, NC. It’s your typical, American, working-class town. My city, like many cities in the US, is a mixed bag of progress and racism. A protest helped change my hometown and contributed to the nation’s desegregation efforts of the Civil Rights Movement. This moment, however, is coupled with the acknowledgement... Continue Reading →

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