Stir the pot.

 All that needs to be said, about Derek Chauvin’s trial, has been. But before we get his verdict, can we chat about a few things? Derek Chauvin’s trial judge, Peter Cahill, has said that Rep. Maxine Waters' comments may give way to a verdict appeal.Police all over America, are on standby, for the verdict reveal.... Continue Reading →

Just another day.

Another day, another Black person harassed and assaulted by the police. Another Black death, at the hands of the police. In case you missed it, Daunte Wright, 20, was killed by police officer, Kim Potter. Potter claims to have mistakenly pulled out her gun, instead of her taser. The entire incident was caught on film. Video... Continue Reading →


Everyone is talking about Meghan Markle. Personally, I'm enjoying the commentary from Black Twitter, happy to see the Monarchy and its racism getting exposed, and laughing giddily at the thought of the Monarchy possibly being "canceled," due to Oprah and 'em. But that's it, I'm not invested in it past that. Though I think that this... Continue Reading →

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