Flag on the play.

This is a follow-up to last week’s post about apologies, kind of. Instead of looking at how white people tend to accept apologies for marginalized groups, we’re looking at apologies between marginalized groups - with a little added anti-Blackness and nuance, Anybody shop at Savage x Fenty(SxF)? SxF is Rihanna’s wildly popular lingerie line.... Continue Reading →

See you next week.

After seeing Breonna Taylor's murderers, essentially walk away unpunished, with one officer charged with the wanton endangerment of the surrounding apartment walls, I'm not feeling quite up to a normal IWW. I value time. Yours, others who read my writings, and my own, so I refuse to write a half-assed post, when I know that I'm... Continue Reading →

We’re Bilingual, Baby.

Black people are bilingual too. "On fleek" "Chile" "Issa" "Finna" "Fit" "What's the tea?" "Sis"  These are all AAVE phrases. African American Vernacular English(AAVE) has recently been recognized as an official language/dialect, as it should be.  Often, people incorrectly label such phrases as "just slang," but AAVE, like all languages, has rules, patterns and its... Continue Reading →

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