4 and a possible.

Last week, I mentioned being able to use my dad's name to receive adequate medical care, and how that was a privilege. This week, I want to get more into privileges, and also how even those in oppressed groups, can have them. But first, when talking about privileges, we have to talk about the elephant... Continue Reading →

M to the..O to the..

Let's talk about Netflix. And the cultural divide...again. Back in October of last year, we touched on this subject. As a refresher, the cultural divide is the difference in ideologies, interests, art, food, music, opportunities, family structures, etc, that make it hard for people to relate to one another, get along and/or feel seen. The... Continue Reading →

Let’s refocus.

They're calling her "Naked Athena." The Portland woman, who supposedly caused the police to back-off with her naked protest, has gone viral. The media, some NB-POC and most white women are celebrating her boldness; it's an entirely different story in the Black community. When I first saw the video/story, it was right before it had... Continue Reading →

Well-oiled machine.

When thinking about systemic racism/oppression, it's helpful to think of it as a well-oiled machine, with different parts keeping it running. There are cogs, wheels, pulleys and belts, among other things, and each one is equally important in making sure the whole thing is at peak performance.  Among these parts, are the smaller, yet still vital,... Continue Reading →

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