A win we all could feel

For the first time ever, Black women hold the titles for Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss America, Miss International Queen and Miss Teen USA and Black folks across the diaspora have been celebrating this show of Black girl magic en masse.  Not only are Black women (of all shades)killing it in general, but non-ambiguous, dark-skinned... Continue Reading →

Yams and mac and cheese

Celebrating Thanksgiving in this country is more controversial than, well, ever. The Disneyesque version of events where Native Americans and pilgrims cheerfully broke bread together and then went on their merry little ways to happily live out the rest of their days...just ain’t true. We all(should) know that Native Americans were unceremoniously and horrifically decimated... Continue Reading →

Can’t pray it away.

2019 has been amazing for growth. I saw a ton of black people actively eliminating generational curses, dealing with their own internalized antiblackness, making self-care a priority, getting back in touch with their spiritual roots and seeking help for mental health-related issues. We are clearly starting to put ourselves first and it shows. But while... Continue Reading →

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