Flag on the play.

This is a follow-up to last week’s post about apologies, kind of. Instead of looking at how white people tend to accept apologies for marginalized groups, we’re looking at apologies between marginalized groups - with a little added anti-Blackness and nuance, because..life. Anybody shop at Savage x Fenty(SxF)? SxF is Rihanna’s wildly popular lingerie line.... Continue Reading →

See you next week.

After seeing Breonna Taylor's murderers, essentially walk away unpunished, with one officer charged with the wanton endangerment of the surrounding apartment walls, I'm not feeling quite up to a normal IWW. I value time. Yours, others who read my writings, and my own, so I refuse to write a half-assed post, when I know that I'm... Continue Reading →

America’s Racist Crossroads: The Injustice of Law and Order

I am a child of Greensboro, NC. It’s your typical, American, working-class town. My city, like many cities in the US, is a mixed bag of progress and racism. A protest helped change my hometown and contributed to the nation’s desegregation efforts of the Civil Rights Movement. This moment, however, is coupled with the acknowledgement... Continue Reading →

Well-oiled machine.

When thinking about systemic racism/oppression, it's helpful to think of it as a well-oiled machine, with different parts keeping it running. There are cogs, wheels, pulleys and belts, among other things, and each one is equally important in making sure the whole thing is at peak performance.  Among these parts, are the smaller, yet still vital,... Continue Reading →


Most people I know, are trying to make sure that they contribute to the BLM movement, police brutality protests and general anti-racist stance, in any way they can. I've been a part of and seen so many conversations where people are stressed, wanting to do more, but not knowing what that "more" thing is and... Continue Reading →

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