BHM is over, but Black history celebrations happen all year ova here, so let's get into this. Three things: Black American Sign Language(BASL) exists.BASL is distinctly different than ASL.BASL is JUST as valid as ASL. The history of BASL has similar origins to a lot of Black history, racism and discrimination. When the first educational... Continue Reading →

Dear Conservative white women..

Dear conservative white women, Originally, this appeal was dated November 2018. Conservatives, particularly white women, kept defending and dismissing Trump’s cold-hearted and malicious acts. With every awful Tweet or policy decision came a wave of “buts”. White conservative women stepped in to defend him. In fact, 55 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump. No... Continue Reading →

Got Soul?

Have you heard about Disney/Pixar's new movie, Soul? Seen the praise? What about the criticisms? In case you're not aware, Soul is the new animated film, that has a Black lead. It's gotten some rave reviews, in general. But when it comes to Black people, reviews are VERY mixed. Two things I have to preface... Continue Reading →

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