Blerds, doe? <3

Sometimes, I want to just celebrate/talk about a particular cultural aspect that I love, and in the process, maybe some of you will learn something new.  So this blog post.. is all about Blerds, baby. Right now, you might be wondering what the hell a Blerd is, but no worries -  I got you. Simply... Continue Reading →

Grandmas, stop romanticizing relationships of the past. That ain’t it, sis.

Hey, I’m JanayB and I’m new here so I suppose an introduction is needed. You’ll typically find me writing posts about intersectionality, white privilege, the happenings of “wokebook” and stuff that affects the black community in my IWWs (Intersectional Wednesday Workshops). The goal? To corral white fragility, to prop-up marginalized voices, amplify black issues and... Continue Reading →

Be Like Harriet

  Perhaps Alabama and Georgia should erase the border and become known as Geobama. A united land dedicated to backward-ass lawmaking and conservative thinking riddled in oppression and hypocrisy that permeates them both. Maybe I’m just some uppity northerner that doesn’t understand the south? I mean, my family is from the south—and now I understand... Continue Reading →

The Maloney Boloney

Alan Maloney is a garbage human. I really could just stop the piece there, but I will elaborate. In 2016, he got into an altercation with another ref and called him the n-word. Maloney was forced to undergo some sensitivity training but was not suspended. Perhaps he should have been. Fast forward to 2018. During... Continue Reading →

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