I should have known that something was up when my brother-from-another-mother, Lee, asked me if I wanted to go for a hike.  He was busy with his growing family and I was absorbed in my efforts to resist the new Trump administration. However, we were both training for a big hiking trip at Philmont Scout... Continue Reading →

A Snapshot Missed

I was in D.C. over the weekend, visiting family, when word spread that Senator John McCain died. Sunday morning, my son took me to the U.S. Capitol to pay my respects. I had over 100 Facebook reactions to the picture taken of me with the flag at half-staff in front of the iconic building. With... Continue Reading →

We Are Epic

Who or what is the America that is emerging? It isn’t what it was. We are surviving but what does that mean? Epic Coalition wants to find out so we started ourepicblog.com. Here, we ask questions about who we are. There are as many ways of life as there are people. Everybody loves a story.... Continue Reading →

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