Everyone is talking about Meghan Markle. Personally, I'm enjoying the commentary from Black Twitter, happy to see the Monarchy and its racism getting exposed, and laughing giddily at the thought of the Monarchy possibly being "canceled," due to Oprah and 'em. But that's it, I'm not invested in it past that. Though I think that this... Continue Reading →

All of Us.

We need to have a conversation about respectability politics (RP) and the exceptional negro trope (ENT.)  Last week, I mentioned respectability politics, in regards to how Black people wield it as an after-effect of the psychological impact of slavery, survival and systemic racism. But today, is all about how it plays out with white people.... Continue Reading →

Dear Conservative white women..

Dear conservative white women, Originally, this appeal was dated November 2018. Conservatives, particularly white women, kept defending and dismissing Trump’s cold-hearted and malicious acts. With every awful Tweet or policy decision came a wave of “buts”. White conservative women stepped in to defend him. In fact, 55 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump. No... Continue Reading →

Got Soul?

Have you heard about Disney/Pixar's new movie, Soul? Seen the praise? What about the criticisms? In case you're not aware, Soul is the new animated film, that has a Black lead. It's gotten some rave reviews, in general. But when it comes to Black people, reviews are VERY mixed. Two things I have to preface... Continue Reading →

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