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There was a post I saw the other day, that said something along the lines of "no one who is actually anti-racist, says I am not racist. Ever." And that's facts.  I've only ever heard/seen someone say "I'm not racist," followed by all the ways they absolutely are racist, tokenization and/or willful dismissiveness of our... Continue Reading →

All of Us.

We need to have a conversation about respectability politics (RP) and the exceptional negro trope (ENT.)  Last week, I mentioned respectability politics, in regards to how Black people wield it as an after-effect of the psychological impact of slavery, survival and systemic racism. But today, is all about how it plays out with white people.... Continue Reading →

Dear Conservative white women..

Dear conservative white women, Originally, this appeal was dated November 2018. Conservatives, particularly white women, kept defending and dismissing Trump’s cold-hearted and malicious acts. With every awful Tweet or policy decision came a wave of “buts”. White conservative women stepped in to defend him. In fact, 55 percent of white women voted for Donald Trump. No... Continue Reading →

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